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Our recent time spent together was brief, but through other exchanges and our meeting we felt some simple values were clear: the necessity of sustainable practice, a hard earned mutual courtesy and respect for each other, and easy going humor that helped ease the long hours in field.

One thing I learned as a newcomer with ideals coming to this industry was, you don't hold judgement. You can outwardly project your ideals, but you have to be open to what men and woman do to face certain conditions, the constant changing reality, and the precariousness of both life and work.

We want this series and many others to become something from which the industry can become more transparent, in the hopes of building a network of people with our shared values. We don't believe its possible to merely go out there impose what we believe, or to merely brand and whitewash, in typical consumerist fashion. There are many obstacles to what we want to achieve but there are also many who have reached the same views independently of us. In them we see the promise of cooperation and the possibility of a solid future.

March 20th 2017

Dano (Albert Andrews) born 1957, picker for 40 years in BC,

O&K: what's that? looks like a lichen to me

Dano: Some sort of fungi on that bark, it's kind of wet, almost looks like a polypore (smells sample) definitely a mushroom!

Darrell: not sure what that is, its a mushroom of some sort, can i smell it?

Dano: its kind of wet, maybe thats an early... no, its not a turkey tail,

Darrel: its got gills, I thought it was like a polypore but its got proper gills

Dano: we picked some of the largest chanterelles last year, Darrell and I were picking them up north, two of them were two pounds, a pound a piece! just massive chanterelles, solid flesh like rocks 


O&K: Do you prefer down here or up in terrace?

Dano: I was born in terrace, moved back down here in 2008, I like Terrace more.


O&K: What's Terrace's history like is it a logging town?

Darrell: It used to be.


Dano: Isn't much logging anymore in that area, now we're finding down here (where Dano picks) they're continuing to log all of the old growth forest where most of our best patches are at.


Darrell: we're just losing our mushroom patches like crazy ​


O&K: Where at? ​


Dano: from Hope..... to up in the coquihalla, I've got patches in the coquihalla that are steep like this [indicates 45 degree angle] and you're wearing these caulk boots ​


O&K: what kind of trees? ​


Dano: there's a lot of fir, anyone where where you find old growth fir ​


O&K: You're losing your pine patches!​


Dano: they're devastating the patches and cutting the trees that the pines rely on, and the forests where they are logging in our areas have very poor value timber, and theres very low value in the trees ​


Darrell: but they'll go in and devastate it, there's so much value in the annual pine mushroom harvest but a single cut and its gone.

Darrell Genaille, supports a family of 5 through foraging, Dano met Darrell in the late 90's and the two have been foraging as a team since.

Upon returning home, we discussed correct ways to harvesting matsutake, in a way that future harvests would be as plentiful. We discussed and diagramed examples of incorrect harvesting techniques and their consequences, such as deep raking which destroys the underlying mycelium, and prevents future fruit bodies from forming. If left intact, mycelium can produce bountiful harvests each year, sustaining the pickers and the appetite for these delicious and highly coveted mushrooms indefinitely

More to come!

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